I have a wierd question. I was working on doing some zimlet testing and doing a tail -f of log/mailbox.log, the log kept getting full of all my zdesktop polls. So I figured, let's remove my accounts from zdesktop so I reduce the number of lines filling in the log file. After deleting the account from zdesktop, the polling continued to occur. If I stopped the zdesktop (./zimbra/zdesktop/zdesktop stop) service, the polling obviously stopped. But the moment I started the service (with or without actually opening the client), the polling started again. I went through the interface to "Account Settings" and deleted the two account (they no longer show in the account settings, nor an option to change to in the main window). How do I completely remove the accounts from zdesktop? If I remove the account, they should no longer exist where zdesktop goes to check mail. Also, if this is the case, did the remove account really remove all the emails related to the accounts (which it should have)?

My primary concern is how to really remove an account and stop zdesktop from continuing to query the servers. Secondary is verification that all was removed.

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