Address book sync is not working properly. In my Yahoo address book I have more than one address for some folks: primary, alternate 1, alternate 2, and so on. I use lists as well. When Zimbra syncs the address book, including the lists, it adds not only each list member's primary email (as the Y! address book has it), but also adds each of that person's other email addresses. This is resulting in people getting my emails twice or more when I use the lists in Zimbra. I have tried deleting the lists from the Z address book and letting sync happen again. However, Z puts it right back as it was before. I have tried editing the lists in Z address book to be exactly like the Y! address book. However, when Z syncs again it simply leaves those lists alone and adds a duplicate copy of each list with, again, more than one email address per person. This is a definite bug.