This weekend I was asked to update to a newer version. After doing so it tried to reconnect. Ever since I have gotten the following error message when trying to connect:

Couldn't access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop server. If issue persists after reinstall, please check logs for errors and report to Zimbra Desktop - Zimbra - Forums.

So, I tried to reinstall. Unfortunately since I must be in the beta group the only version I could download in Build 1482. When I try to reinstall, it knows I have a previous version which it states needs to be uninstalled first.

A previous version of Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop has been detected. It must be uninstalled before proceeding with new installation. User data will be preserved.

The next screen indicates it can't install an older version 1482 over a newer version 1512. So, I tried to uninstall completely which I can't accomplish either. Now I am stuck.

Any suggestions?