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Thread: ZD offline and no longer syncing after folder move

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    Default ZD offline and no longer syncing after folder move

    From ZD, I moved 2 large (~1.5GB) folders from the server to Local Folders. After that move, ZD now sits in "offline" mode and does not automatically sync with the server. I can force a sync by clicking on Send/Receive and it seems to work just fine. It appears that the size of the folders I moved created a problem. I'm wondering if there is a resolution here?

    I've attached a debug log showing the sync failure. Note the large number of ids in the delete request.

    Server: 5.0.11_GA_2695.UBUNTU8 20081117052520 20081117-0527 FOSS
    Client: version=1.0;build=1513;release=RC1;os=Windows 2003 x86 5.2;server=5.0.11
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