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Thread: Calendar sync/creation error report

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    Exclamation Calendar sync/creation error report

    Zimbra: build 1513
    Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Yahoo! Mail Plus account

    I have set up my Y!Mail Plus account in Zimbra. I have been testing the new Yahoo! Calendar and gone back and forth between the old one and the new one. During my testing I have deleted and created several calendars on the web interface . And then I realized that :

    - On the new Yahoo! Calendar, when you delete a calendar with a particular name, later on, you WONT be able to create a new calendar bearing that same name. Being non technical I can only believe there might be a permission issue in my personal data basis on Yahoo!'s servers. Therefore I have to create a calendar with another name.

    - Now in Zimbra, by default, there is a calendar named "Calendar" and it cannot be deleted.

    - When creating a new Calendar in Yahoo! Calendar, the sync process to Zimbra works well.

    - However, syncing Zimbra's default "Calendar" returns an error and it is not created on Yahoo!'s web interface, not is it sync'ed to the default calendar created by Yahoo! Calendar (in my case "Guillaume_Belfiore").

    - The default calendar on Yahoo! Calendar ("Guillaume_Belfiore") was created after I switched from old to the new web interface

    Not sure if all of those points make sense to you but here is the error report:

    Debug message: Expected [-3], read [-1] at line 1


    com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: parse error: Caught ParseException parsing calendar: Expected [-3], read [-1] at line 1

    at com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException.PARSE_E RROR(
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.calendar.ZCalendar$ZCalendar Builder.parse(
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.calendar.ZCalendar$ZCalendar Builder.buildMulti(
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.calendar.ZCalendar$ZCalendar
    at com.zimbra.cs.datasource.CalDavDataImport.applyRem oteItem(
    at com.zimbra.cs.datasource.CalDavDataImport.sync(Cal
    at com.zimbra.cs.datasource.CalDavDataImport.importDa ta(
    at com.zimbra.cs.offline.OfflineCalDavDataImport.impo rtData(
    at com.zimbra.cs.offline.OfflineImport.importData(Off
    at com.zimbra.cs.offline.YMailImport.importData(YMail
    at com.zimbra.cs.datasource.DataSourceManager.importD ata(
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.LocalMailbox.importData(Loca
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.LocalMailbox.syncAllLocalDat aSources(
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.LocalMailbox.sync(LocalMailb
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.LocalMailbox.syncOnTimer(Loc
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.DesktopMailbox$
    at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
    Caused by: Expected [-3], read [-1] at line 1
    at oken(
    at oken(
    at lendarList(
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.calendar.ZCalendar$ZCalendar Builder.parse(
    ... 16 more
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