I've looked around in the forums but didn't see anything about this, so I hope someone can help.

I leave Zimbra open all the time, put the computer to sleep and when I reawaken it YZD is only partly responsive. It will not sync with my Yahoo account, even if I force a sync (I can press the "button" but nothing will happen). If I click on an email, it won't load (the last email I was looking at before sleep will remain in the pane). I can't click on any other folder. I can click the tabs to get to my address book, calendar, preferences, etc., but if I try to make a change -- say, add a new address or set a new preference -- it won't work. I can get to, for example, the screen to add a new contact but when I click save nothing happens. If I click on a different tab, a pop-up window asks me if I want to save the change. Clicking "yes" gets no reaction, so I can only click "no" to get out of that window. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. I have hit Shift+fn+F5 (I'm on a MacBook), but it took about 4 times of pressing that to get the "Loading..." window, then it got stuck there, then I had to refresh again. What's going on? Is there no way to just keep YZD running continuously without worry?

I am using YZD 1.0 build 1513 on a MacBook OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger).