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Thread: [SOLVED] beta testin build 1537 install failure

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    Default [SOLVED] beta testin build 1537 install failure

    I down loaded the new file, but after running the install, Zimbra failed to load with the following message

    <Couldn't access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop server. If issue persists after reinstall, please check logs for errors and report to>

    I tried to reinstall, but was told that the setup file was corrupt. I finally found the download at and downloaded a new copy, but it failed to install the new version, telling me it could not uninstall the previous version.

    What files do you need to help me out? Please note I can not access Zimbra desktop at the moment to get to the gear icon and error log.
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    I also had some problems with the install. Went smoothly for a Mac I'm testing on, but it failed several times (in different ways) on a PC, and I haven't gotten it going yet.

    Not sure if this was related, but the download was quite slow and I had to stop/start it a couple times. Upgrading from 1531.

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    Please zip these files up and attach here. Thanks.


    After that, you may follow this instruction to manually uninstall prev. version, and re-run installer.

    "Note that if you want to preserve mailbox data, don't delete these 3 folders: derby, store, index. "

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    Requested files attached.

    I also uninstalled and reinstalled, following the instructions and leaving the 3 folders intact, and am now up and running again.

    Thank you for your help.
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