Hello everyone,

One of our user was trying to send a big mail (with an attached document of 55Mo) and it made ZDesktop crash... well not really a crash, but everything that we tried to do just led us to an error message (server too long or something like that, don't remember). We couldn't change directory and couldn't even delete the big message. So I looked for the file matching with this message, and I deleted the file on the hard disk drive (store/0/...../.msg). After that, ZDesktop works great the user now can change directory, write and read mails, but the problem is that everytime he tries to go to the Drafts folder, an error message occurs talking about "NO_SUCH_BLOB". I tried to launch a reindexation of his mailbox, but for the moment (about 4hours later), it isn't better at all.

Does anybody have any idea (well, except telling me that deleting the msg file wasn't a good idea...) ??

Thanks in advance