Hi all,

When using the Desktop Client (RC3) on MAC (not tried any other platform) and replying to an email in a shared folder I can not add an attachment. I receive the following error:

method: SaveDraftRequest
msg: upload not found: 08e19297-712b-449d-ba82-70de1d2f8b7c:d6c2689b-3544-4166-bafc-5e61cb1d02a9
code: mail.NO_SUCH_UPLOAD
detail: soap:Sender
trace: btpool0-1052:1241087515357:07479e2d7eb2ed01

Body: {
SaveDraftRequest: {
_jsns: "urn:zimbraMail",
m: {
attach: {
aid: "08e19297-712b-449d-ba82-70de1d2f8b7c:d6c2689b-3544-4166-bafc-5e61cb1d02a9"
e: [
0: {
a: "xxx@example.com",
p: "Some Name",
t: "t"
1: {
a: "yyy@otherdomain.com",
p: "Some other Name",
t: "f"
idnt: "50d9383b-d173-46bd-ba12-7b6245711a0b",
irt: {
_content: "<D9622ABBBB75E24CBB9512FDD8B126432A753B@foo-bar.com>"
mp: [
0: {
content: {
_content: "
Zimbra Version is 5.0.13 NE. I verified this with 2 Accounts on 2 different Clients.

Is that a problem with Zimbra Desktop or with ZCS? The Problem does not occur, when using the Webclient....