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Thread: Failure to import Contacts

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    Default Failure to import Contacts

    Zimbra keeps failing to import my contacts even though it says it has imported successfully.

    I imported them from gmail, using Outlook style, and having it auto detect. Outlook style was most successful, but it pulled about a dozen listings all titled "no name" and failed on the rest.

    This is rather important, so any help I could get would be most appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Though this is the ZD section, I gather your not syncing as type Gmail, and instead doing an import/export in ZCS or ZD preferences. Can you clarify which (ZD or ZCS) your running? Directions for finding ZCS version are here

    What your hitting is Bug 35699 - Contacts import: gmail contacts results in data dropped (fixed in ZCS 5.0.16, the counterpart ZD 1.0.1 will be out soon).

    The idea is to normally use export in 'Google CSV' import in Gmail style. You can usually fall back to Google's 'Outlook CSV' format for export, however that also had problems because Google treats their name field different:
    The outlook issue was caused by not having the "Name" field mapping. Outlook encourages separate 1st/mid/last names but Google only outputs the single string field

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