I've been running Zimbra Desktop for a while now on my Linux desktop without any major problems. This morning when I launched it I got a message telling me there was an update available. After the update was downloaded and installed when the Desktop was launched I got the following error:
Couldn't access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop server.  If issue persists after reinstall, please check logs for errors and report to http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimbra-desktop.
After the first time I got the message I restarted my system, but the same error came up when I tried to run the program. Next, I manually downloaded ZD from the Zimbra web-site and re-installed. Unfortunately this did not correct the problem either.

The zdesktop daemon appears to be running fine. As a troubleshooting step I stopped the service, cleared the log directory, and restarted. I now have three files in the log directory: derby.log, zdesktop.log, and zdesktop.out. None of these log files appear to have any error messages in them; just INFO and DEBUG messages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.