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Thread: Groups in Contacts are not there anymore with build 1593

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    Default Groups in Contacts not there anymore -build 1593- Les Groupes disparus de Contacts

    Version française à la suite de la version anglaise! (French version below this one)

    Yesterday, I upgraded to zimbra desktop 1.0 build 1593 from the last one, 1537 I guess (why don't they have "following" numbers?).

    Very very surprising, my Groups in Contacts are not there anymore and they do not synchronize with my Yahoo mail server account. Contacts do (I guess).

    The Groups are still on the Yahoo mail server. (Ouff!!)

    What can I do?

    Note: I am in the "Error Reports" branch of the forum because I did not know where else to go. No error report has been created by ZDesktop about this.


    French version (Version française):


    Hier j'ai remplacé zimbra desktop "version 1.0 build 1537" (je crois), par la nouvelle "build 1593".

    Les "Groupes" dans "Contacts" ont disparu et ne se synchronisent plus avec le serveur de mon compte courriel Yahoo. Les Contacts le font (j'imagine).

    Ouff!!! les Groupes sont toujours sur le serveur Yahoo.

    Que puis-je faire?

    NOTE: Je n'ai pas eu de rapport d'erreur de zimbra desktop. Je ne savais pas dans quelle autre branche du forum expliquer mon problème.
    Last edited by Angi; 06-01-2009 at 06:41 AM. Reason: ADD: The Groups are still on the original mail server and la version française.

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