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    Angry Multiple / SPAM emails

    I have a Yahoo & a Gmail email account setup in my Zimbra Desktop. When I send an email from my Yahoo (via Zimbra), the same email gets sent out numerous times, while the email is still sitting in the Zimbra Outbox. This does not happen when I send an email from my Gmail (via Zimbra). I tested this by sending emails via Zimbra (Yahoo & Gmail) to my work email address. The spam stopped once I deleted the email from my Zimbra outbox. Seems like the email gets sent over & over again as long as the email sits in the Outbox. Is this a known defect? How can this be fixed.

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    Default similar problem with ingoing email copies


    I`ve kind of a similar problem. While Zimbra tells me Authorization Failed for my houndreds of copies of the same (about 10) emails are incoming!!?? My Username and Password ARE correct and newer e-mails than those are not retrieved... What the hell is wrong with it?

    Thanks for any suggestions/help!

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