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Thread: Multiple Undelivered Mail Messages

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    Default Multiple Undelivered Mail Messages

    I set up my email to use the auto-reply function while I was on vacation, only to have recipients of my emails receive the auto-reply days after having set it up. I am now receiving mail delivery failure notices nonstop. Why did this function misbehave, and how can I stop receiving hundreds of mail delivery failure notifications?

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    I'm disappointed to see no response to this. I think I "may" have the same problem.

    Mine is a new install (today) and I did test the vacation function (once) and it did work. But now, vacation messages are not being sent and I don't know if I am going to see the OP's problem of delayed messages or if out-of-office replies just decided to break.

    I am sending from various e-mail addresses and all the incoming mail is being delivered. Not a peep in the log file about any attempts to send any vacation messages.

    Cache set to 30 days. Start 09/30/2009 End 12/31/2010

    Status says everything is running. I can reply to any of the incoming messages manually just fine and the responses are sent by Zimbra immediately.

    Any tips on what I should look at would be greatly appreciated.

    UPDATE: Getting this message logged:
    mailbox - outofoffice not sent (not direct) mid=303


    I have a test e-mail address on the production ( mail server. Incoming mail is automatically forwarded to
    I have a vacation message set to respond to anyone who e-mails that address.
    If I e-mail directly, the vacation message sends fine.
    But anything forwarded from to is delivered but no vacation msg is sent.
    Anything I can tweak here to get around this?

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