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    When trying to save a formatted (html) email signature, I get the "zimbraPrefMailSignature too long" (or something like that) error.
    I suspect the error is specific to the signature html source length, as the same text works with zero formatting, but becomes problematic when more formatting (e.g. font, color, etc.) is added.

    The same formatted signature works OK in the web client.



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    I am also getting this error. I had a signature I created using the HTML signature editor in an earlier version and it worked fine. Originally it happened when I wanted to update the signature as my telephone number has changed. When I replaced my old number with the new one and tried to save it I got the same "ZimbraPrefMailSignature too Long... 1024" message. I've tried recreating it from scratch and still get the same issue.

    Yesterday I actually had to reinstall my O/S and therefore also reinstall Zimbra Desktop. Trying to create the signature has resulted in the same error message.

    I can use the signature if I create it in plain text, and actually have just discovered I can do it in HTML if I use Black font colour, so it would appear the issue is that it won't let me have the text in the Grey I want to use, and was using previously. The Grey is from the standard colour palette offered in the HTML signature editor.


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    I have the same problem, I was able to increase the max signature length in Zimbra Server but I can't seem to find a properties file or any setting in ZD.

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