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Thread: sync error: ""find message failed"

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    Question sync error: ""find message failed"

    my exchange server is never shown 'green' and i find this error in the logs:
    2009-10-13 14:11:55,075 DEBUG [btpool0-48] [mid=7;] datasource - Remote folder 'INBOX': Appending new message with item id 198152
    2009-10-13 14:11:55,230 ERROR [btpool0-48] [mid=7;] datasource - Find message failed
    at com.zimbra.cs.mailclient.imap.ImapRequest.addParam (

    If the sync is too slow, i open my account in browser sometimes. Deleting a message there is causing this here?

    i get all incoming mails and keep sending mails out too.. except that the sync fails.

    how do i resolve this?
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