Please help me with this, it just happened to one out of many users at my office.

On Monday morning, this user found that his inbox was empty. He didn't do anything between Friday and Monday, so he didn't expect to have an empty inbox (sent, drafts, and trash are still intact). So, we think that there might be a glitch somewhere and put the matter on hold.

Then, on Wednesday, the same user found out that his inbox was wiped out (again). This is getting to our attention as a growing problems, we have no clue what the cause of it and when will it happens.

After thorough interview with the user, he told us that he did open zimbra webmail using Mozilla Firefox (but he didn't use any email client) during the weekend, but not on Tuesday night at all. And this user is using Zimbra Desktop on his office computer.

We've checked the email settings, the account preferences, and we found nothing that could have caused all of this. So, please help us with this.

Many thanks before!!!