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Thread: Unable to View All Email Accounts

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    Question Unable to View All Email Accounts

    Hello I just now installed Zimbra Desktop 1.0.4 (build 1833). I am on a MAC (OSX 10.8.5).

    Previously I was using Thunderbird and encountered lock up problems so a friend recommended Zimbra.

    Tonight I installed the ZDesktop and tested a few accounts. I didn't like how it changed my older mail (mail from 2007) to 2009 dates. This is gonna make it harder for me to do searches for past customer emails (maybe I'll create another forum post requesting help on how to fix that later).

    The problem I am running into now is that I am unable to see all of my email accounts. I have a total of 45 (small business). I have 27 installed on Zimbra and I'm unable to view all of them in that left panel. There is no scroll bar to scroll down. The screen is completely maximized.

    I thought maybe it was the "theme" or "template". When I first noticed this I was using "Waves" so I switched to "Yahoo", with "Yahoo" I was only able to see one more account but two accounts were not showing at the bottom on the left. I thought maybe if I try the "Zimbra" theme I would be able to see all of change.

    My screen settings are normal. I even "reset" them so that Zoom In or Zoom Out was not selected. It is factory default.

    Is this a bug? Is this a setting that I need to change? I used Google to try and see if others were having this problem and no luck. Is there a max to the number of accounts I can have installed? What gives?

    I would love to continue using this product and would hate to go back to Thunderbird but I really need to be able to see our 45 email accounts.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

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    Although I don't think there is a technical limit to the number of accounts you can have setup... I don't think it was ever planned for somebody to have that many accounts!

    What I would recommend is trying the new ZD 2.0 beta, it changes the way accounts are displayed to a folder based hierarchy, as well as adding a "smart folder" that shows all accounts inbox's together.

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