Hello people,

I have an error in one account with ZD2B3. I manage 3 accounts from ZD but I cant send mail from one of them and i can do it from others. The 3 accounts are zimbra accounts, with the same parameters in the Zimbra server, before i update from ZD1.0.4 to ZD2B3 i dont have any problems with this, and i have other computer with ZD1.0.4 and all works fine.

in the ZD2B3 i only see the Z red icon in the two account who works fine, and i cant see it in the account who doesnt work. You can see it in the next picture.

If i try to manage Preferences of the ZD2B3, y cant see Mail icon for the account who doesnt work, and dont have access to manage the preferences. You can see this in this picture.

I try to install ZD2B3 in other computer, and the same happen.

The account who doesnt work, is the biggest one, i put this if you think its important.

Zimbra server version is 5.0.16_GA_2921.UBUNTU8_64.FOSS

thanks in advance!