environment: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686 (x86_64); en-US; rv: Gecko/20100712 Prism zdesktop/2.0

installed ZD yesterday, and loaded all ZCS accounts (I have two: work and personal, 01.com)

95% of the time when I try to scroll either panel: folders, mail viewer, messages, my activity results is "Segmentation Fault" of the ZD instance.

xxx@linux-9hx8:~/zdesktop> "/opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux/prism/zdclient" -webapp "/home/xxx/zdesktop/zdesktop.webapp" -override "/home/xxx/zdesktop/zdesktop.webapp/override.ini" -profile "/home/xxx/zdesktop/profile"
*** UpdateService: canUpdate? testing /opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux/prism/update.test
*** UpdateService: canUpdate? testing /opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux/prism/updates/0/update.test
*** UpdateService: can update
*** General: Reading Status File: /opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux/prism/updates/0/update.status
*** UpdateService: _postUpdateProcessing: No Status, No Update
*** UpdateManager: _loadXMLFileIntoArray: XML File does not exist
Segmentation fault

LOG file have couple benign error messages not related to crash, IMHO. The backend keeps running.

ZD on identical OS on my work machine, OpenSUSE 11.2, with identical setup runs w/out issues. Work machine is a single core, while home is dual.