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    Default Human Verification Required

    This happens frequently in one of the 4 accounts I have on desktop. It's the one I use most for business and it is very frustrating to have emails delayed while I have to go to the web based yahoo and try to pull up the message I want sent and do it again. I've done all the "fixes" that I can find by googling for answers and in the forum and nothing works. It doesn't happen in my other two yahoo accounts. Is it because this one is the primary? I'm really sick of it.

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    The problem is not on ZD; it's a way for yahoo mail to prevent spammers from using their free accounts to send out spams.

    My guess is that you often use this account to send emails to many recipients at once - so it somehow makes ymail think you are spamming people.

    Maybe try to find a solution by talking to ymail support? Or signup a ymail business account.

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    Default Sick of Human Verification notice

    I don't send to more than three at at time out of that account which does not constitute spam. But I will contact yahoo about it.

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