Zimbra 7.01
Windows XP SP3

I was initially excited to find Zimbra a few days ago, and it seemed great when I installed it.

But although it "works" for the most part, I have found it to be pretty buggy.

It's a nice program, so I thought I'd invest a little time in trying to help fix it, and see how responsive vmware is to see if it is worth my time.

The most siginficant bug I have encountered so far it that the auto sync stops working after a few passes.

I have about 5 e-mail accounts set up, one Google and 4 Yahoo. Each is set to update every minute (although I tried setting other periods of update and had the same problem).

When I first start the program, all accounts seem to automatically update properly a few times. Then the updates just stop.

After it stops updating, the Yahoo accounts never display the circling arrows (indicating that it is syncing), and the Google account displays the circling arrows non-stop... the arrows are there all the time.

I think some module is crashing because after installing Zimbra, when I go to shut down the computer, I get the error sound and an error message flashes on the screen that something crashed. So far I have not been able to catch what it is, but I will try to find out.

I have been able to get things to manually sync using the send receive button. So, for now, that is what I am doing.

That's about all I can offer right now. Maybe this is a known bug?

All my Yahoo accounts also have the red dot with the "x" next to them for the address book updating error as well. I know you are aware of this issue.

Thanks for listining. I hope the bugs can be worked out because it would be a great program if it worked better.