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Thread: No Downloads from YAHOO

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    Default No Downloads from YAHOO

    Sometimes, when I start Zimbra Desktop, it will not download anything from yahoo. Until today, if I restart zimbra later in the day, it would download my emails.

    Today, all day long, I've restarted ZD a few times and it does absolutely nothing, yet I know I have new emails in Y!.

    Is there a problem w/ZD or is something else going on, like perhaps Y! not playing fair?


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    Just to add: today is Sunday, May 29, 1 day after my prior post. Yahoo emails were successfully downloaded.

    So, is this an issue to be reported, that sometimes emails will not download from Y!? I did successfully download some "gmails" yesterday, but that is not my main email address.

    BTW, my yahoo account is the free version, not the paid.

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