I am a 100% Zimbra newbie, so sorry if this is a totally stupid question.

I have a bunch of email on an online zimbra server from a disabled email account. The server license is expired and will never be reactivated. Essentially, all that i want to do is download all of the messages to my desktop so that I have a copy of them in case the messages disappear off the online server forever.

So I downloaded zimbra desktop and downloaded my the messages and everything worked fine. But now when i try to relaunch the application, I get the following message:

An error occurred while initializing the zimlet "com_zdesktop_survey". Please notify administrator.

And then Zimbra instantly crashes.

Any help would be appreciated. Like I said I am a 100% newbie, so please ask me questions if I have not explained something that i am trying to do clearly enough.

Thank you.