I click the LINKEDIN button at the beginning of the setup process, and I receive this error, and there is nothing out there that I can find where someone else has reported this.

Problem accessing /service/proxy. Reason:

java.security.cert.CertificateException: d2:CN16:api.linkedin.com1:O20:LinkedIn Corporation2:OU27:Production Operations Group6:accept4:true5:alias48:api.linkedin.com:246D 1E05851AD7334D931D5065A264B4:fromi1314576000000e4: host16:api.linkedin.com3:icn18:Thawte SGC CA - G22:io7:"Thawte3:iou0:3:md532:B18EE41A73C7362F5DF5 7180C0A0F9C58:mismatch5:...

I am running windows 7, 32 bit. I had a 60GB SSD - I am only stating that because you never know when sometimes there is some kind of whacky hardware issue that is unique to the user. Everything else is standard. It's a Sony VAIO Dual Core. I don't think the computer is the issue, I am just stating what I have for the sake of stating it.

Please help me with this issue.