Dear Forum!

We are developing applications in Delphi 6 Professional.

One of our customers said that they have problem with Zimbra Client and our MAPI(SendMail) calls.

The experience was that when they are trying to send mail with our MAPI call, they are got the "attachment" only - the "sender", "recipient", "subject", "body" lost!

Then they said us that our product do wrong call, and I checked the Zimbra Desktop. They said that Excel, Word can send, only our product not.

My experience was that when I used Thunderbird, I can send from:
- XNView
- Total Commander (select more item, and send them)
- our product
- other programs

But when I used Zimbra, all of them pass only the attachment only - with miscoded Hungarian characters (UTF8).

Because we must provide some solution, first I checked that may it have problem with non-unicode texts.

But as I see that MAPISendMail supports only non-unicode version - only way to pass unicode text is to use UTF8.

But: when I use only non-special characters then the Zimbra also lost the main informations.

So: we are blocked by this "bug" or "problem".

And we don't know what we can do to provide valid email with needed fields...
We must provide something to this corporation, but I don't know, what we CAN do...

The users don't want to type every field into the document, and automatic filling (with sending characters to the Zimbra directly) is not working on body...

I hope you can suggest something.

Thanks for your help!

Regards: DD