I installed a Zimbra Network Edition 7.1.3_GA_3346 to Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS op.system.

I found a permanent bug in the Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2.
When I go to the "Calendar" and I create a few calendar entries (eg. to today) and I rolling down the "View" menu and I select the "Free/busy view [f]" option I got the following:
- In many languages the day stepping function is not working. I click on the left or the right arrow but the day not changed. And the free/busy fields not shown all fields are grey. The white fields and my entries (blue) not shown.
- Some languages the day stepping is working and the white fields is shown but the entries not.

But all cases:
In the "Free/busy view" if I roll down the "View" menu and I choose the day/week/month/... view option my calendar entries is not shown anymore! The whole calendar shown is empty! The calendar entries are not deleted. After the Zimbra Desktop restart the entries is shown. But I choose the "Free/busy view" this is beginning again...

This error is a permanent error. I tried on few computer.
In WEB browser is working fine.

This problem is really Zimbra Desktop problem? Somebody can check own Zimbra Desktop?
I this is not Zimbra Dekstop error what can I do?

Sorry for my bad English.