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Thread: UID STORE failed: mailbox selected READ-ONLY

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    Default UID STORE failed: mailbox selected READ-ONLY


    A zdesktop user recently discovered these errors on their account:
    Error type: Invalid body section FETCH response for uid 38598
    Item ID: 1
    Error summary: Sync failed due to IOException for the following items
    Items will be retried on next sync
    Item Id: 38628 Message: Exception syncing UID 38628 in folder INBOX
    Error type: UID STORE failed: mailbox selected READ-ONLY
    Item ID: -1
    Error summary: Cannot delete message with uid 12648
    The zimbra server recently lost power and a restore process was run. There are still some blob errors that I haven't figured out how to resolve. Is this a Zimbra Desktop problem or the server?

    Full error text attached, thanks!
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