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Thread: ZD7 changes Received Date during sync.

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    Default ZD7 changes "Received Date" during sync.

    Thursday, July 5th, 2012........Version: ZD7.1.4GA (build 11299)on WinXP-sp3

    I am not a programmer or a computer guru . Most of the stuff I see in here is way beyond me.

    That having been said, here is a layperson's explanation of my observations.

    The other day I was playing with my mail applications. I was using ZD2, ZD7, Thunderbird and the Yahoo Mail WEB site. (I have several email accounts; Yahoo, Gmail, Aim, etc.)

    Two of the programs were showing files in the Yahoo Trash Folder and the other two were not. Among other things, I found that ZD7 was not syncing with that Folder.

    After everything was settled and everyone was in sync, I noticed that ZD7 had actually changed the Received Date of all the files in the Trash Folder to the time they were synced. None of the other programs exhibited this behavior. So far the erroneous dates have not found their way to the other applications.

    I have included a screen capture of the ZD7 Trash Folder showing the incorrect info. The massages are over a year old yet they show up as <6:15> the evening the folder was synced. I should have attached a file showing the proper times, but I didn't think of it until it was too late. Sorry.

    Thanks in advance for your time and interest in this issue..

    Alan L. Janover

    I tried posting this to Bugzilla, but every time I clicked "Commit" it failed to connect to the server.

    ZD7 Date Error (3).jpg
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