Hello Community!

I use my Zimbra Desktop with an extra IMAP-Account in the local Network. The IMAP-Account is provided by an NAS from the Company Synology.

I wanted to move my E-Mails from my Zimbra-Account to the IMAP-Account as a backup-system, where i can move my old mails to and stil has access to the mails BUT i realised, that when i create a new folder, the system will duplicate the folder and call it xy-1. When i use another pc or program to look for the imap-account i only see the right folders without the "-1" on the end.

When i now copy an email into one of the created folders, the email would be also duplicated by the system with every "Sync".

Do you have any information for me how to stop this?

PS: I tried to deactivate the function with the "grouping mails" because i read this everywhere, but the problem is still here.

Thanks for any information!