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    i am truly behind this...

    signed #53

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    Default VOTE for Freedom - Go Home Microsoft

    VOTE for Freedom - Go Home Microsoft

    No Choice = No Freedom

    There is no choice if you want a computer; YOU HAVE TO BE Microsoft's* customer, and YOU MUST PAY the amount Microsoft decides.

    Microsoft is fighting hard to steal YOUR Freedom. Fight back! It takes less than 5 minutes to read and sign the petition!

    Think about how competition has caused computer prices to decline (everything except for Microsoft prices that is). The monopolist, Microsoft, is exempt from the laws of competition. On nearly every computer, absence of real competition hurts you and EVERYONE you know.

    The Problem: This time around, Microsoft gets to kill two birds with one stone. If Microsoft were allowed to own Yahoo, it would also own Zimbra, and that would be the death of Zimbra as a competitor to Microsoft's Exchange Server* which was purchased by Yahoo a month before Microsoft's move to buy Yahoo.

    The death of Zimbra also kills, world-wide, the Linux servers needed to run Zimbra software. Linux is free software that competes against Microsoft's Windows.*

    A Vote for Freedom means Microsoft is not permitted to take-over Yahoo.

    Your help is needed to get the word to the people that will rule on this merger. Zimbra has been growing rapidly and by buying Zimbra, Yahoo became Microsoft's highly successful competitor to Exchange Server. A Microsoft/Yahoo deal would be anti-competitive.

    YOU are a member of this community; PROUDLY help send Microsoft home empty-handed.

    Please do ONE OR MORE of the steps listed below (listed from easiest to hardest):

    1. Sign the online petition;
    Support against Microsoft takeover attempt on Zimbra (part of Yahoo), an Exchange Server alternative Petition ""

    Advocating spamming deleted by moderator - DWM

    Visit for more information and to participate in discussion.

    *Microsoft, Windows and Exchange Server trade names are owned by Microsoft Corporation. Exchange Server is Microsoft's advanced mail server software.
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