Dear Zimbra,

I don't know if this post will be removed...deleted...or if you'll actually listen.

I am a loyal customer of yours who pays you over 90k per year. I've tried to raise my concerns to my account rep...but no one seems to listen. I'm also a loyal member of this forum.

I love Zimbra, and I think it's a great product...but since the Yahoo deal, you guys have been slipping. You guys are massively behind the ball, and your not catching up.

Take 5.0.5 for example. It doesn't even display HTML mails properly. No way to down grade...(5.0.2 was fine).

The Outlook Connector seems to crash all the time. I contact support, and all I get (after waiting for 10 days) is a link to a wiki article. "Please see the following article...". Support is only getting worse with time. ugh.

Still no read receipts. According to your own it's the most requested feature with 228 votes, and was FILED TWO YEARS AGO!!!

You slip in this Yahoo Search bar thing into Zimbra. Why? Does it make you money? If so, why'd you put it in the Network Edition as well? Do you not realize that my boss see's that?? You know what he wants to do now? Yep. He wants us to ditch Zimbra.

Still no tasks support for Windows Mobile or iCal. Very very sad. Guess what: That was filed TWO YEARS AGO as well!

Glad you finally decided to support Leopard. Thanks...I guess. Still no build for paying customers.

Also, what's up with you guys keeping silent on the Microsoft thing. I don't want to mention it too much cuz mmorse will move it , or phoenix will be rude to me (again). Please say something about this deal. Reassure us. Please.

iSync sucks. Yep, it does. Fix it, or ditch it. QUIT SHIPPING BROKEN PRODUCTS! Take your time, and fix them.

I know your team works hard. We also know you have deadlines....but come on. You're letting these horrible bad bugs that affect end users, slip into your product. I know many members of your forum would love to get pre-release builds to help you test...yet you dont. The end users are the ones who pressure me. They're my bosses.

You do make head way. BlackBerry is awesome! It's buggy too, but alee does a great job here in the forums. I haven't asked him a question yet, but I see others ask, and he answers right away. Same thing with Zimbra Desktop. Just kill the friggin search bar guys!!! PLEASE!!! Oh, and don't even think about dumping Yahoo's browser bar on me. It seems Yahoo tries to put that in everything. If you do, we're gone. You're fighting for survival in our place. Don't let us down.

Like I said, your team works hard. All I ask is that you go where the customer wants you to go. You did it in the beginning, and now you're straying.

If you keep down this road, your customers will begin to not like your product...and once that happens, it's over. We (your customers) talk to each other. We also talk to non-customers. There is nothing more damaging to a company than a bad review from a few customers. I'm not going to tell you who I am because it doesn't matter. I've told you before through my account rep. Now, I'm hoping that my posting, it will get more attention.

oh, and moderators: Please don't give me links to bugs. Like I said, I'm a loyal member of the forums. I know the bugs, and yes I've voted, and yes I know they're on the plate. Save it.

I'm just being honest guys. You can do better. We know you can.

-Your friends