Just been reading this:
<Backup module for FOSS zimbra>

Where the good folk of Zimbra ask people to vote on a paid backup module for the FOSS edition of Zimbra.

Personally I believe this is the wrong way of going about it. Backup is basic. It should already be in the FOSS version. Typical Business things like multidomain is what should have been left out of the FOSS version; only to be available for the Network editions.

There are so many things in the FOSS version Zimbra could have made Network edition only. Things that businesses will want anyway and private users do not need... (IM, Multiple servers, Exchange compatibility, IMAP and POP proxy, out of office replies, perhaps even the quota?, resources, distribution lists) But they chose to leave out Backup. Even though we all hammer everyone to make Backups before upgrading, testing, etc... Wrong line of thought I think...

Personally I stop ZImbra, make snapshot (LVM), kill any leftover programs, start zimbra again. So far about 30 seconds downtime.

Then I mount the snapshot and make the backup. (Bacula AND Dirvish).

So I'm ok with the backup thing, I can handle 30 seconds downtime for my ~10 users. I would like to do per-user restore though... Oh well.