Dear All,

First of all - I would like to thank You - all the dev team - for really fantastic product which Zimbra is! We are using a lot Open Source instances - and we are very happy as users & admins.

Unfortunately there is one thing - which I wanted to share with You and all future clients - it's Zimbra Network Edition licensing policy... As You already know (or maybe You have just discovered it) - Zimbra NE licenses are being sold in 25 packs. It means that if Your company employs 30 ppl - You need to buy 25 + 25 licenses. There are no exceptions! You can not buy single or pack of 5 licenses. With 30 ppl on board - You need to pay for additional 20 pcs - just to have the number on Your server... Is it worth it? Even Microsoft is selling MOLPs per one piece. Looking from this point of view - TOC for Exchange (30 users|) could be even lower than Zimbra? I can't believe that!

This kind of "marketing" is taking away SME's from Your product. If it's Your target - only big enterprises - I can understand that... but if not - You need to do smth. with that - as lost client will never come back.

Best Regards, and good luck,