We're a 60+ user shop, and I've been looking around for a new groupware solution that will allow us to support both Blackberry BES and Activesync.

Exchange is the obvious choice, but I'm inclined to look at other options first and Zimbra looks like a great product.

However, for 75 users of the Pro version w/ Mobility, it's either $3100 annually, or over $7500 for perpetual licenses. That's after a 15% Zimbra discount and doesn't include the cost of a supported Red Hat Enterprise or SLES 10 license.

Meanwhile, Dell quoted me $5800 for 1xWin 2008 Server, 1xExchange 2007 Server, and 75 Exchange CALS. The MS licenses are, of course, perpetual, Activesync support is integrated, and our BES server can move from Groupwise to Exchange at no additional cost.

I have small to mid-size clients on a variety of platforms, including Exchange, Groupwise and some smaller Linux mail servers. I'd love to give Zimbra a shot, but can't see how they can compete for business users at these prices. Especially when the 'name brand' solutions are actually cheaper. Do Zimbra VAR's offer more competitive pricing?