Hi everyone

Our Exchange SBS 2003 server is on its way out. We've got a new remote worker in the USA and Exchange's IMAP is proving pretty horrible.
Plus to administer, I hate Exchange and cannot wait to get rid!

Anyway, I've been messing around with the Zimbra online demo for a while now. And I'm convinced that most of our users (20 total) would prefer to work with the AJAX client than Outlook.
Today I started looking at the options for customising the AJAX Zimbra interface

1) I'd like to get rid of the Y! Local button and the 4 search engine options that drop down from the Email search dropdown at the top.

2) Change the Yahoo web search box at the top of the screen, to search our company intranet database.
Basically pass a querystring to the URL of our database server, but open the search results in a new window.
I also will look at Zimlets for adding extra features from our intranet DB.

3) AJAX/HTML interface titlebar text. And Zimbra logo from the top-left.
Is it possible to replace those wth our own?

Finally on something different.
4) Auth our shared files Samba server, proFTPd FTP server, Apache intranet server with Zimbra LDAP.
As far as I know, it's possible to auth Apache, proFTPd and Samba against an LDAP server. Does the Zimbra LDAP allow this?

Would be awesome to finally have a single password required for all our services!

I assume 1-3 would involve editing the skins. But is there a way to change those through the admin GUI?

Thanks, Ben