This might not be the best place to post, but I'll try 8)

We're migrating a customer from Domino 5 to ZCS.

Actually, we're waiting for Outlook to be setup on the users PCs to start the migration by itself (several weeks to wait).

But, the top managers want to use ZCS' webmail (they loved the demo) for external (roaming) access.

So the idea is to setup some accounts for them in ZCS and get the accounts to "fetch" the mails from Domino's LDAP.

We have an issue with Domino's LDAP.
IMAP is enabled in Domino, the "internet password" is enabled (and known), the "external email address" is correct.

Login in Domino's LDAP is partly OK.
The user/password is OK (it throws another error when it's wrong).
But it immediatly gives an error "Code 33:29".

Obviously, no idea of what the code number means and/or how to fix it...

Any hint ?