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Thread: Quick Post Doesn't Work

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    Question Quick Post Doesn't Work


    Any time I try to do a Quick Post to reply to a posting, it says that I do not have permission to do a quick post. Why? I am logged in and it shows that I have permission to post.

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    quick post test (after 15+ min of inactivity / without 'remember me' checked) yields:
    You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again.
    Refreshing indeed shows as signed out, did you by chance wait a while before replying? Or by "I am logged in and it shows that I have permission to post" do you mean after you re-login or with activity you can't quick-reply at all?
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    Okay, I just did the following:

    1) logged in.

    2) immediately clicked on 'quick reply' and wrote a short message

    3) hit post (within 90 seconds of login)

    4) got a 'do not have permission' message

    5) refreshed & found that I had been logged out

    I tried to repeat this process. Immediately after clicking on 'quick reply' I did a refresh. I found that I was now logged out. For some reason, 'quick reply' is logging me out!

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