HELLO !!!!! Zimba !

Hey I know exactly where I can go with this, i.e. comcast, but I thought I would drop you fine people a line about how my email account was hijacked to zimbra.

In the process, my e-mail account settings were dropped and instead of like deleting "never" my e-mail was set to delete in 30 days and voila,
No emails are over 30 days old, and hey, address book I didn't even know I had an address book, so I was keeping all those email addresses in the email that is now deleted.

So ROFLYFAO and understand what kind of jerks comcast is, besides dropping email sent to you from *.edu or *.se or anywhere else they think spam or threats to the Department of Homeland Security may originate.

Well back to having fun, I need to pull all those I-tunes off a disk drive where the mother board died.

sbalrog salutes you!