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    Hello Comcast Customers,

    SmartZone is a large collaboration suite of which Zimbra is just one component (for instance there's Plaxo integration for calendaring & contacts); therefore, it is best to contact the Comcast care-team who is responsible for the entire messaging platform.
    Zimbra is a software vendor and does not have access to your email or voicemail, nor can we address any issues you may be having until Comcast escalates it to us.

    Web: Comcast Help & Support (Email Form or Live Chat)
    Phone: 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-255-2278)

    We welcome you to the community, hope you enjoy sharing in all things Zimbra, and encourage you to explore our stand-alone desktop client. As with any end-user located at one of our excellent hosting partners: While we can answer some general questions you may have, ultimately you should communicate with the provider about any issues you're experiencing, big or small. This goes for any enhancement requests you may come up with or run across as well. Voting in our bugzilla is open to the world; but to ensure you get those features faster, it's also important to help your provider track requests in their own systems.

    Comcast Help & Support
    SmartZone™ - Tutorial
    SmartZone™ - Feature Tour
    Comcast Network Health - Outage Check

    All the very best,
    -The Zimbra Team
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