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I am or plan to specialise in several Open Source technologies like Joomla, SugarCRM, and Zimbra just fits the bill.
I would like to point out that the current Zimbra approach does not fit well with the SME model as it wants a whole system for itself. Although I can appreciate the "appliance" approach and the motives behind it, it does conflict with the resources that a small to medium company has. The expected answer would be virtualisation, but to me that is just an excuse not to address the problem.

It ought to be perfectly possible to set up ONE database in MySQL for Zimbra, ONE area for file storage and ONE virtual instance in Apache to run Zimbra. Instead it takes the whole box. The Zimbra project can do better IMHO.

Having said that, I like the system a lot, and am in the process of moving all my email and doc management to a commercial provider in Switzerland who (by nature of their location and the clients they have) operates under both Data Protection and Bank Secrecy, the only change I may make is to buy extra spam filtering from Postini (now Google). And it deals with the problem highlighted above as well