Hello together from Germany,

currently I'm searching a software/server solution that collects all my e-Mails from different Accounts (freemail-services, googlemail, yahoomail, mobileMe, some imap- and pop3-accounts) and gives me the possibillity to use ONE solution for my Windows and for my Mac-PCs to have the SAME e-Mails on every pc.
After I read some docs and websites, I think Zimbra would fit my needs. The problem now is that i never used or administrated a mail-Server.

Is it possible to run Zimbra OpenSource-Edition on a virtual machine (parallels desktop 3 on my mac mini) for Home-Use only? Zimbra should not replace an existing mail-server, just collect my e-Mails and provide a central solution to get e-Mails and reply them.

I hope you understood the problem with my bad english-description.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts and answers.

Greetings from Germany