Okay, this is (somewhat) Zimbra related, but it's not directly connected to ZOC so I'm putting it here.

I'm just wondering what other sites do when it comes to performing network backups of local outlook folders (.PSTs) that people use either to manually file mail or as targets for Outlook's auto-archive feature.

Apparently Outlook doesn't let backup programs touch the .PSTs while OL is open. I've seen some add-ons that get around this by periodically making local copies. Or do you just tell folks to close Outlook when they leave for the day? What about laptop users?

Another issue is the growth of PSTs and the fact that whenever a message is added/subtracted/modified inside of one, the whole file is going be backed up by the incremental. Do you just figure that Zimbra server storage is cheap and discourage use of offline stores? Do you backup PSTs on a reduced (e.g. weekly) schedule? Does use of PSTs drive your need for backup capacity? Or are PSTs just not a big deal?

Would love to hear other people's experiences and strategies for dealing with this.