Hi there,
I was asked by the marketing department to approve a third party solution for branding of emails (This would be adding a short HTML tag at the end of every outgoing message. the tag includes a gif which is most probably animated) for all the outgoing emails of the server.

You probably understand why I am against it and wish to decline the request:
- All email traffic going to go through third party server - Yuck!!!

So, I thought about it, that there should be no problem really in doing this in Zimbra, after all it is really just an addition of few lines of HTML at the end of the message.

But I have no idea where to start looking on Zimbra where can this be done?
I failed also to find any feature on Zimbra that would allow it...

Does anyone have suggestion on how can I do that on the same server as Zimbra?

Using the Network Edition, by the way...