Hi guys

At some point later this year I'm going to migrate all our mail to Zimbra on a dedicated server from Exchange SBS 2003, only 13 users total
Done some local test migrations and already have some users fully using the open-source edition, but eventually we'll be going with NE Professional with Zimbra mobile once v6 is released.

Are there any restrictions on reselling Zimbra accounts?
So if we only use 13 of our 25 paid-for mailboxes, can we re-sell those?
Do you have to be an approved hosting partner to do this?

We're a trade journal publishing company in a specific industry, and we already have good relationships with several companies who pay us to run their websites and give them IMAP/POP email hosting through cPanel and WHM.
Once we've got Zimbra for ourselves we were thinking it would be pretty excellent to switch our customers onto Zimbra as well.

Any comments/suggestions?

Thx, B