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This is totally off topic, but I think the little "Zimbra Employee" tag gives me the ok to post it. Primarily, I wanted to spark a discussion on this topic.

Those who've worked with me, and many forum users know that I am a huge Apple fanboy. I have an iPhone, 2 Macs, and an appletv.

A few minutes ago, I made a purchase of a PC laptop which I will begin to use as my primary machine. I almost wept as I hit the "buy it now" button on eBay.

Mac vs PC is an discussion that has been going on for over 2 decades now. Even when I couldn't afford a Mac and got a PC in High School, I still advocated macs.

My reasons are pretty simple, and make a lot of sense.

Although Macs are built upon the POSIX complaint BSD, unless you're running a server, I would argue that there isn't a truly compelling reason to have a mac other than the "coolness factor".

As far as operating system functionality, I think most would agree that OS X is far ahead of Windows. With core imaging, and Quartz Extreme, the UI is really unriviled. Vista is a near meltdown for Microsoft due to slowness, unreliability, and malware/virus'.

I have always had this philosophy: Microsoft really isn't good at inventing things. Anytime they invent something from the ground up, it's almost always a disaster for them. I can't think of a single product that they didn't copy the idea from.

Xerox -> Windows
Xbox ->nintendo
Zune -> iPod
MS word -> Word perfect
MS excel -> Lotus 123
NT kernel -> Unix Kernel with protective memory and threading
IIS -> Apache
MSN Messenger -> AOL IM

Innovation is something that Microsoft is terrible about, and the area that Apple excels at. Apple copied Xerox, I'll give the MS fanboys that bone... but most of what they do is ground breaking. I still remember when S Jobs came back to Apple, he launched the iMac. I remember thinking: This is going to be a disaster...who in the world would want a computer without a floppy dirve.

People even flamed the ipod when it came out, but time after time, Apple proves that by "thinking different", they can excel in anything.

Steve Jobs has a video on youtube.
YouTube - Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer
He is so right.

But now that Apple has dug itself out of the Hole it was in in the 90's and has become one of the largest media companies on the planet, I think they're losing sight of the things that saved them.

I belive that they're imbracing the idea of being closed and and 1984'ish. Between the App store, hardware lockdowns, and inability to provide choice, I think they're following MS down the road of "You don't need to choose. We make the software, use it the way we want you to."

This is really driving me crazy. Their refusal to emabrace newer technologies (ie blue ray) and locking down their stuff has made me feel boxed. I can't ever just build my mac the way I want it. They build it, and I have to choose from what they think I want. I have to use iTunes for my music and iPhone syncing.

No blue ray.
No copy paste on the iPhone.
No iPhone bluetooth sync.
Mamoth inventories of Hardware that just don't work on a mac. no Flash on the iPhone.
No Slingbox/true video streaming player on the iPhone.
Safari only on the iPhone (no other browser).
Developer NDA.

It's all just driving me away from Apple. Sure, they've always controlled hardware...but the only big issue was price....and those using macs were okay with it. You pay for quality.

But now, times have changed. They are do dominent in Music and Mobile phones along with other hardware, that they've lost sight of giving people choice. It's ironic because Apple is the "other choice".

It's driving me nuts. I get an awesome looking computer with sub-par applications, and an ecosystem that's so void of choice that it makes me feel like switching to a PC for more options.

So, farewell my loyal Macbook. I'll still use you as a server to test stuff. It's not you, it's me. Being cool looking just isn't enough for me anymore....and I've found someone better.

Sure, she might be ugly...but it's what's inside that counts. Looks aren't everything.

Feel free to comment!!!

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(Disclaimer, my views are not represenative of Yahoo, Zimbra or any one else except me.)