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Thread: Push to talk numbers not recognized

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    Default Push to talk numbers not recognized

    I have a peculiar issue. We just migrated a company to Zimbra. They are also on the BES connector. This company relies heavily on Nextel Push to Talk for communication in their day to day operations. We have activated a few Blackberry's now on the BES server for them. All contacts and calendars have been pushed down to the devices successfully. The problem is this, when a user goes to access a push to talk number (for instance *111*54477) in their contacts on the Blackberry, the Blackberry now attempts to dial that number ignoring the fact that it is a Push to Talk number. This is no good to the client.

    Does anyone out there use Nextel Push to Talk with BES installed on their device? If so, do you experience this behavior? Any workarounds that you might be able to suggest?


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    Can't help you with your question but might I suggest you ask the knowlegeable people over at

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    Anyone have anything to add to this? A search on results in zero matches.

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