Hello, all. We are about ready to launch a funded new venture providing managed services including Zimbra. We are looking for a few infrastructure / network / systems engineers experienced in open source solutions and Zimbra in particular. These are full time, permanent positions starting in October 2009. They are not development positions but rather infrastructure - deploying and maintaining systems.

We are looking primarily in Latin America or Eastern Europe but this is not a requirement. We are NOT looking to dump and collect offshore work but rather expect our people to be a vital and active part of the creative and design processes thus near native English fluency is a requirement. The company is US/UK based and run in close alignment with Catholic social teaching. Being comfortable in that environment is helpful but by no means required - just information about the management style of the company. The work location is one's home or office - no need to relocate. In fact, relocation is not desirable as we are looking for time zone and geographic diversity.

If interested, please email jsullivan at ssiservices.biz Thank you - John