ok, i hope i will not get stoned for this one but it really is important to me...
I'm currently running two Zimbra OSS Installations, one private for me, my gf and another friend and one in my company with 7 Users.

I work in IT Support and maintain 23 Networks with 5-35 Users, mostly Windows. As you might imagine MS SBS is a constant companion of mine, and tbh i don't really like it.
It's easy to setup but every extended feature like email archiving, basic av, anti-spam, backup etc is always a pita and/or associated with additional investments, which is always kinda hard in small companies since they always pay more $/user.
There is a big void in that market that is currently waiting to be filled.

So i would like to encourage you to embrace this group of customers and investigate the idea of creating a smb product, e.g. team up with the folks from ebox and look into creating a single - integrated - product that gives me messaging, file and print services, vpn, content filtering and centralised user managment. That's about it.
Noone in these companies cares about sharepoint etc, you can easily let that pass. Currently it is just to much hassle to integrate these solutions manually in order to be cost effective.

AND start licensing with 5 Users, as it currently is, zimbra smallest option is damn useless to me, to many unused licenses and not active sync.

I really like zimbra, i would not have used it as my private groupware solution if i wasn't really a fan of the concept, but as it is now, it's practically impossible for me to recommend it to my clients.

On another note i have a private issue with zimbra
Please make it possible to get a _fully_ functional version for private use free of charge:

I really would like to have active sync enabled for zimbra for my private use. Is it in some way possible to create a Private Version of Zimbra that includes Active Sync and is limited to e.g. 3 Users?
Limit it to private use, make the license expire every 6 month, but as many hurdles in it as you want, but please do it