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Thread: Legitimi for Zimbra Two Factor Authentication Nears Official Launch Date

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    Default Legitimi for Zimbra Two Factor Authentication Nears Official Launch Date

    If you are in the market for flexible, simple, robust two factor authentication for your Zimbra portal that can be deployed quickly without confusing your userbase, consider adding Legitimi to your Zimbra server. Legitimi works by pairing a unique hardware identifier with a user's name and password, rendering compromised usernames and passwords useless. Utilizing a custom zimlet, the user can control every aspect of their two factor configuration. An admin console zimlet will be forthcoming to allow robust management flexibility. Given the recent assault on webmail accounts, it may be time to consider what items of importance your users may have stowed away in their Zimbra accounts, protect them AND your company. As an ISP, you can gain a distinction in the market by providing account level security. For information and demonstrations of our tech please contact The official release date for version 5 servers is May 1, 2010.
    Thank you.
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